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Professional Portfolio

I've been an entrepreneur, consultant and mentor for over 30 years.
This site is designed to give you a taste of the sort of work I do, and of my experience.
I hope you like what you see.

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Whether as a Chairman/director, adviser, investor, or personal mentor, a key tenet of my work is that I choose to work closely and creatively with people who are serious about being the best they can be.

For these people and organisations, I bring fresh insight, different perspectives, and over 30 years of UK and international business experience

I have particularly deep experience in sectors such as Financial and Professional Services, and with mutual and membership organisations. I am also a specialist in the management of the growth challenges faced by SME and family businesses. I have been Chairman of a cancer support charity.

I am a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (IoD) and was one of the one of the first directors in the UK to achieve Chartered Director status.  I am also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

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The work I do covers a range of areas, but these mainly fall into the three key groups shown below:

Contemporary Boardroom


I am  Chairman of Eudaimon Holdings and I sit on the board of a number of private companies both within and outside the group.

Key roles for me currently include Chairman of CXE City, an exciting and innovative international business focused on transforming the client experience of Financial and Professional services firms, and Eudamon 10 which provides coaching, mentoring and leadership  development to individuals and teams.

Business Partners at Work


I have  considerable experience of working closely and discreetly as a core adviser or mentor to individuals and leadership teams who are serious about achieving success. It is an area of work that can be challenging, but is one  I really enjoy.

For the last five years I have worked closely with the Parker Taylor family in the transformational increase in value  of their investment in the  Keycare business, and am a director of PTF Locket which is the management company for  some of their key business and charitable interests.

Reaching a Deal


A key benefit long experience of operating at a senior level  in the advisory and consultancy  area, is that I have an extensive network of highly trusted and senior contacts of exceptional quality. 

Access to this  network has often proved invaluable  to our clients in accessing the resources needed to progress developments  - including financial investment.

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The Eudaimon Group has a number of investments where I am directly involved in the leadership of the companies concerned.
Three of these are described below:

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Leaders in Client Experience Excellence

CXE City works internationally with Financial and Professional firms to increase the value of the relationship bond they have with their clients. 

I am Chairman and an investor.

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Performance Development

Eudaimon 10 works with individuals and teams to achieve superior performance by playing to personal strengths.
We deliver insight and development programmes together with coaching of high quality.
I am a director and mentor.


Capital Connections

Pollenation is the core  managment and development hub for the Eudaimon Group It incubates and develops ideas and manages the acquisition of key resources required for projects. 
I am director and lead consultant.

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This site has given a very brief overview  of some of the things I am currently involved in. 

I am always keen to chat about synergies with our current activities and new ideas and opportunities. So, if you have and interesting idea, or you would like to find out more of what we are doing, please do get in touch.

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Many thanks for visiting the site. If you would like to find out more, I can be contacted by any of the ways shown below.


Leeds Office: 30-38 Dock Street, LEEDS, LS10 1JF



0113 834 6011

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